Simon Thoumire

  2. Jimmy Shand Dance Party

  3. Blown Away
    Stuart Cassells

  4. Flowers of Edinburgh
    Various Artists

  5. Heat the Hoose 1
    Various Artists

  6. Proud to Be Scottish
    Various Artists

  7. Immortal Memory
    Various Artists

  8. Glorious Scotland
    Various Artists

  9. Heat the Hoose 2
    Various Artists

  10. The Big Day In
    Simon Thoumire and David Milligan

  11. 7 Monlogues from William McCulloch
    William McCulloch

  12. A Rovin'
    Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor and the Galliards

  13. On Safari
    Keep it Up

  14. Keep it Up
    Keep it Up

  15. Laughing Girl
    Jenna Reid

  16. Folk Song Today
    Various Artists

  17. Glasgow Orpheus Choir Volume 2
    Glasgow Orpheus Choir

  18. Starr Music Box
    Will Starr

  19. Scotland For Me
    Various Artists

  20. The Songs Of Robert Burns
    Kenneth McKellar

  21. Roaming in the Gloaming
    Sir Harry Lauder

  22. Glasgow Orpheus Choir Volume 1
    Glasgow Orpheus Choir

  23. Tonight and Every Night
    Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor

  24. Festival Ceilidh
    Various Artists

  25. A Scotsman's Songs
    Bobby MacLeod

  26. Complete Scottish Dance Master No.1
    Bobby MacLeod

  27. Nancy & Chas (5 track CD)
    Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group

  28. Jean Redpath's Scottish Ballad Book
    Jean Redpath

  29. Scottish Ballads And Folk Songs
    Jeannie Robertson

  30. Songs of a Scots Tinker Lady
    Jeannie Robertson

  31. Father Sydney MacEwan Sings Songs Of The Gael
    Father Sydney MacEwan

  32. Far Over The Forth (4 track CD)
    Ray and Archie Fisher

  33. A Thousand Miles Away

  34. Siubhal
    James Graham

  35. Claire Mann
    Claire Mann

  36. Attention All Personnel
    Croft No Five

  37. This Kid's The Greatest
    Kid Ory

  38. Catriona Watt - Cadal Cuain
    Catriona Watt

  39. Anna Massie - Glad Company
    Anna Massie

  40. Liz Doherty - Last Orders
    Liz Doherty

  41. Finlay MacDonald
    Finlay MacDonald

  42. Maeve Mackinnon - Don't Sing Love Songs
    Maeve Mackinnon

  43. Shona Mooney - Heartsease
    Shona Mooney


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